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In this section we include brochures and other periodic sales and marketing pieces, educational pieces and related printed material.

Many of these are created in the form of Magazines.


Publication Examples:


  • Flyers

you can also download the brochure >>>>

  • Product Brochures

you can also download the brochure >>>>

  • Marketing Educational Publications

Travel Shopping: http://axses.com/destinationmarketing/1-shopping.html
Mobile Travel: http://www.slideshare.net/irclay/hotelmobile3a-hres

  • Media kits

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  • Micro mags



And many more.  We use the magazine layout  as there are now many Internet based magazine services that will host magazines, categorize them and offer an on demand print facility, shopping cart and shipping solutions. Slideshare is an example. We prefer the doument style of presentation over the flip books. Slideshare does not have shopping card and resell facilities. We will use several of these magazine reseller site in a marketing campaign.

With print moving onto the digital platform of the internet – magazine formats are becoming a vital part of the content marketing mix, not least because they create authority for the brand.

See more re Print-on-demand

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Marketing Flyer for Hotels, Travel and Tourism

Flyers for Travel Marketing

Flyer: Poinsettia St. Lucia Holidays – Villa Apartment Rentals   The flyers are published along with a integrated marketing campaign. Usually this will include Press releases to both on-line and off-line broadcast media. In addition we will create  videos, blogs articles and magazines, catalogs for online and off line collateral.We create multiple formats for different media.  ...
Travel & Tourism Marketing Products

Travel Products Brochure

Similar to the Media Kit in many respect the Product Brochure offers more in depth description and analysis of the Product and Technology. Features and Benefits along with descriptive illustrations and text are presented.   http://www.slideshare.net/irclay/axses-arcres-travel-platform you can also download the brochure >>>> The format has been also used to present a brand concept as in SocialIndexEngine.com. The magazine ...
Travel Shopping Technology

Marketing Educational Magazines

Travel Shopping A critical look at the travel shopping cycle and what makes travelers book at one site over another. Travelers typically look at 20 or more site, less that 5% book on average. This is a magazine that was put out as a information sharing document. it was placed on Slideshare as well as on ...
Media Kit Magazine

Media Kits

The Media kit Can be a formal document that accompanies your publication and conforms to Rate Card standards. It may contain rates and advertising descriptions, page sizes and cuts. It may have demographics of the target audience, readership and circulation data. In some cases as in our example we wanted a graphical representation of advertsing and ...
Micro Mags

Micro Mags

Micro mags slideshare >>>>   A Micro Magazine encapsulates a website, product, brand or news item  in a brochure type format. The Brochures can be printed and distributed at trade shows and as sales and marketing collateral.  They are also published as a PDF or online magazine. With this concept your message can be target and layered into multiply ...