About Us

Travel journalists gather stories for Travelers InsightsTravelers Insights magazine is a personal account of a destination. The articles are written by our network of travel journalists, photographers and the RealHolidays.tv film and video production team.

The magazines are published using the latest Internet marketing and social media technology. Each publication is part of a multimedia campaign which includes distribution throughout a vast social network, direct mail, video, website marketing, interactive media and broadcast.

Our travel writers are interested in what makes a destination different. We bring to life the people, place and culture with stories that are personal and nontraditional. We are all products of our history and our settings. Place, past and culture influence us all in different ways. It is this combination of people, place and culture that is unique and intriguing”.

Contact us if you’re interested in joining our production staff or if you wish us to produce a Travelers Insights magazine for your destination.


Travelers Insights are published BY AXSES and is a special interest project of AXSES CEO Ian R Clayton. Ian is also the author of many blogs and the Book: “How To Build your Business Online” . The book is available on Amazon in paperback and in kindle. Their is an active readers area website which has an ongoing blogging and video tutorial membership. More >>>