Marketing | Barbados By Nature

Early in 2013 the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia began a campaign to brand the island and its website as one of the most distinctively charming island destination in the world. The campaign is expect to last for a full year with videos, flyers, brochures, blogs, articles and all collateral creating an authority footprint across the internet. Part of the campaign strategy was to create a dedicated social network for the website; these include a Facebook, twitter, youtube and many other video channels, profile sites, bookmarks, blogs and ezine accounts.

Full Video at | A variation of this video promoting Barbados as Exotic By Nature is also available at

Each video will be distributed via multimedia press releases to the international media. The videos are also posted to the Barbados Holidays SocialNetwork, the blogs, podcasts and ezine sites. Website

Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia Website

The campaign kicked of with the redesign of the website to complement the new brand. It was developed using the Responsive Web design standard so that the one website would render optimally for whatever device was viewing it.

To date there are 4 videos:

BarbadosTravel Trailer (youtube Channel) | The RWD Website | People & Lifestyles | Nature