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Barbados Nature Brochure

Barbados may be overlooked as a nature destination as it has so much else to do. With its world class restaurants, lavish hotels and endless beaches who needs nature. Well we all do is some form or other. take a look at the Barbadaos Nature Brochure and the lovely video we did on the sanpipers, monkeys, fish markets, swiming with the turtle, bathing the race horses in the sea and so much more. Its gelogical heritage is very distinctive. Click here >>>

Dominica Nature Island

Woman & Child Walking in the Rain

Woman & Child Walking in the Rain

Experience nature travel like never before with unique, personal travel accounts of nature and eco destinations around the world!

In our first issue we covered a trip to Dominica. It was a personal account of a visit to Nature Island. The visit was not conceived to write a magazine, that just came as a bonus to a business trip to discuss tourism technology. We fell in love with the island and it’s vibrant colours, it’s lifestyles and the people we met. The magazine is about that.

Dominica Nature Island Magazine
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fishing boat-at sea

fishing boat-at sea

Subsequently we visited Dominica several times and wrote about the Kalinago people and its history.Those articles are online at
example Dominica-Carib-People


Dominica Story  with tourism operators contacts Find out more on MagCloud)

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Dominica: The Nature Island

Dominica: The Nature Island

Dominica is indeed unique as you will discover when reading this issue. Its undiscovered beauty is revealed with the photos of nature and life on the island. You will meet interesting characters who have also discovered Dominica. In subsequent issues we will feature leading personalities along with the ordinary and extraordinary people who live and ...