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In this issue of the Independent Traveler, there is something for everyone- history, fun, adventure, action and drama. It also features a look at the growing trend of self-catering, or independent holidays.

On a lighter note, the issue covers a delightful adventure of two independent travelers who end up with Sarge at 6 Men’s Bay and share fresh fried pot fish in their self catering villa. The magazine has several articles authored by Ian R. Clayton including a brief and fun history of Barbados in the days of early settlement:

History and Heritage

“It had been home to tribes from the Amazon who paddled all the way there.” Writes Clayton, with a sense of irony as to why they even bothered: “The seas are raging around the dragon mouth in the first pariah off Venezuela. The tides run faster than an army could paddle. The waves are mountainous at times. Why would anyone want to paddle over 500 miles to an island they don’t even know exists?”

He concludes that the Spanish just ignored the island and that the English landed there by accident.
“The Spanish were not mad; they knew a thing or two about value and Barbados did not shine like an emerald way back then. The Spaniards, along with the Portuguese, raided the island and captured the original settlers, taking them home as slaves. Some Arawak and Carib settlers left of their own accord to avoid capture. By the time the British ships landed, the island appeared to be uninhabited and unwanted.”

Clayton writes from a personal perspective with insight on people and culture and this issue is made lively by Kristine Dear the photographer and graphic artist who is the designer of all TI magazine issues. The issue is alive with color and images that speak to the reader and help the stories come alive.

Kristine Dear, who loves working on these projects, says, “TravelersInsights is such a great way to explore people and culture, Ian’s insights and understanding of people and his humor and wit in putting it together makes it a fun adventure to work on. I love trips to meet with people and places as much as the design and photography we do”.

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TI Back Page Color & Contacts

TI Back Page Color & Contacts

Colors of the Caribbean

Even advertisers in this magazine jump out with vibrant colors of the Caribbean. In this issue Settlers Beach Villa Hotel introduces a customized holiday for the Independent traveler.

Independent holidays are the feature of this issue, and the magazine is aimed at the growing trend of self catering accommodations and do-it-yourself discovery. Shopping at the local markets and fishing villages, native cooking and dining are fundamental parts of a lifestyle vacation and play an indispensable part in a cultural adventure.

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