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Travelersinsight completed this video to give travelers an idea of what is included in the latest issue on the independent traveler covered. The Video  also to explains the concept of the package being offered by the contributor, Settlers Beach Villa Hotel.  This is the first issue of TI to include a ready made Independent Holiday Pachage. So let’s start with the script reprinted here under the video:

Hi – Ian here, CEO of AXSES and the publisher of TravelersInsights magazine, and I’m really pleased to let you know about our new magazine with the beautiful new issue of TravelersInsights?? covering aspects of what an independent lifestyle holiday really is.

As more and more travelers are looking for authentic and personal experiences, this magazine is about people putting together their own packages and their own agendas for an independent-style holiday.

Now, in this issue we’re featuring a very special package being offered by Settlers Beach Villa Holidays. It’s a villa hotel, actually, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s not only a very private and exclusive villa in a beautiful beach setting, but it’s also part of a hotel with an elegant restaurant, waterfront dining, and full hotel services and management to take care of your daily needs.

What they are doing is offering a fantastic discount to our magazine’s readers. They’re also including a package tour to St. Nicholas Abbey, the only authentic Jacobean sugar plantation operating in the world; a plantation with an incredible history. The Abbey tour is free and that is in addition to the villa holidays accommodation discount.

It is all described within the magazine, as well as stories about history, culture, scandals and  power and corruption throughout the history of Barbados, which became one of the most prosperous islands in the Caribbean, the largest sugar producer in the world at one time. And it was fantastically wealthy, all by accident it seems. But read on, the magazine will tell you and explain all about that time in history: A very intriguing time.

The magazine contains other stories of the sorts of activities, culture, and heritage that independent travelers like.

Just read the magazine. You can get a free copy of the magazine when you go to A printed version is available from MagCloud. You just have to pay a small amount for shipping and a nominal cost for printing. The magazine will soon be launched on iTunes and Apple products, iPhones, iPads, iPods, all sorts of mobile devices, as well as on the Android platform.

So stay tuned. We’ll be giving you lots of access at different points. And as I said before, right now, there’s a free version available for download at So enjoy it and we look forward to seeing you. Have a wonderful holiday. Bye for now.

I hope that gives you an idea of how very special the package is. Travelers get a great accommodation that is especially suited to the independent traveler.

Space & freedom:

In this case, it’s a Luxury private villa with lots of space for the entire family, a couple or a single person. There is no comparison with the tradition hotel room in terms of space and ambiance, and space and freedom is a key requirement of the independent-minded traveler. From that point of view, the package scores a 10. See the actual package at hBarbados Settlers Beach Villa Hotel


It just happens to be down the beach from the Sandy Lane Hotel and almost next door to the Coral Reef Club. Both are considered to be amongst the best hotels in the world. It’s also on the beach, set on acres of rolling landscaped gardens, mahogany trees and other facilities such as a pool and restaurant.


It’s not a villa tucked away in a corner with no security. Independent travelers are not hermits. They like to know there are security arrangements, a hotel staff and a manager they can chat with about anything at anytime.


No rules and set times here! The restaurant, with its convenient waterfront dining,  is open at dining hours. Guests also have their own kitchen and can shop and cook on their own schedule.

Self Catering:

This is the core of an independent holiday. It means so much more that not having to troop down to a buffet and schedule your time around other activities. It is a lifestyle choice that gets you out so you can mingle in the markets, meet people and try new things on your own.


There are no set agendas. The management of Settlers Beach will simply arrange and pay for your taxi and your entrance fee to visit St. Nicholas Abbey at your convenience. It’s fun to go when they are pressing sugar cane in the old steam mill, but cane is processed between February and mid-May, every Wednesday and Thursday. It’s not always available but, in any case, there is much to see and learn. St. Nicholas Abbey is open 6 days per week; the Plantation is closed on Saturdays.
Sunday – Friday 10.00am – 3.30pm


It’s a high-end resort that charges over 400$ US per night. Our readers have an unbelievable 55% discount to start. Now, the discount will go down in increments so the key is to grab it NOW.

Summary Review:

Does this meet expectations of what an independent holiday is all about? We think it lives up to its promise and would love to hear from you!

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