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World Heritage travel and tourism magazine is about history and its influence on people, place and culture.

In these magazines we look for Heritage destinations and attractions that are recognized and registered with UNESCO. We do not cover all, just those that we feel have significant character and influence on shaping our understanding of the past. We seek to share with you those special places and cultures that can enrich your travel experience and your life. The stories from nature, culture, history and people help us build an appreciation and understanding that can change lives.

Travel is a powerful way to bridge differences, share experiences and contribute. Travel can change lives, it can change the world. Join us on this adventure. We would love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions for places, people and cultures to dig into and to share.

Hundreds flock to the see the turtles on the inshore reefs. But has anyone wondered if the turtles also watch the people who swim by in such ungainly manner!

The Story of the Green Turtle

In this the first issue of TravelersInsights Magazine, the true life story of the Barbados Sea turtles is covered.

It is a fascinating story of how they return to the very beach they hatch on. The tiny turtles swim off to the gulf stream where they live for many years feeding on the sea creatures on the floating Sargasso seaweeds.

“The Gulf Stream makes up the western boundary of the Sargasso Sea and lies just off the east coast of the U.S. When hatchlings begin their journey off the East Coast they are picked up by the Gulf Stream and become part of this “floating nursery” where they will spend at least a year rafting with the seaweed, eating bite-sized, floating prey. The seaweed provides the little turtles cover from predators. Loggerheads in particular blend in almost perfectly with the Sargassum seaweed.”  ..

When they are mature and about the size of a diner plate they head home to the place where they hatched and start a news life-cycles on the inner reefs along the island shores.



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World Heritage Tourism  - vol 1, issue 1 by

By Ian Clayton in Travelers Insights

24 pages, published 9/24/2012

World Heritage Tourism covers heritage hotels, heritage holidays and heritage travel. We select destinations from the UNESCO World Heritage List that meet TravelersInsights criteria for World Heritage Tourism designation. We FOCUS on tourism destinations that are UNESCO Heritage Sites and are also exciting and rewarding places to visit for an adventure holiday for families, singles and couples. This issue features Barbados…

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Inter-American Development Bank Aids Barbados World Heritage Tourism

Inter-American Development Bank Aids Barbados World Heritage Tourism

“IDB loan to enhance the appeal of Barbados as a World heritage tourism and culture destination” … source,11931.html “With support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Barbados will increase the appeal of its tourism attractions, with a focus on encouraging more spending by visitors on its unique heritage and cultural products, enhancing the digital visibility of ...
Polo & Horse Racing. Barbados Holidays World Heritage Tourism

Polo & Horse Racing. Barbados Holidays World Heritage Tourism

Barbados’ horses have a good life, living in one of the top holiday destinations of the world. They enjoy being in this Caribbean paradise. Each morning trainers, owners and grooms take their horses to exercise in the sea water. It is done in preparation for a race, to recover from injury, and just for the ...
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Print on Demand (POD) with Magcloud

About | Company | Printing | Travel | Shipping | Marketing | Example mag | Video of Issue 1 World Heritage Tourism Magazine What It Is This service makes it possible for almost anyone to be a publisher. It’s a professional service now used by businesses,  artists,  photographers and writers.  The technology permits you to print a ...
Barbados Holidays: A World Heritage Tourism Destination

Barbados Holidays: A World Heritage Tourism Destination Barbados in now officially a World Heritage Tourism destination. This is our own TravelersInsight designation. It can only be applied to UNESCO World Heritage designated places, that meet our own criteria to qualify as a “Heritage Tourism Destination”. We FOCUS ON tourism destination that are “UNESCO World Heritage Sites” AND ALSO ARE exciting and rewarding ...
Barbados UNESCO World Heritage Status

Barbados UNESCO World Heritage Status

In our very first issue of World Heritage, we report on Barbados: an island that grew in the age of discovery, when the great navigators explored the new world, in search of trade, silver and gold. In Barbados they found little of value except that the Island was a strategic harbour for men and ships. ...