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MagCast for Apples Newsstand

MagCast is the Platform we use to publish to the Apple Newsstand. The resolution and quality of magazine published to the iPad are absolutely amazing and far superior to most formats including print. Apple sold 67 million iPad in the first two years of its launch. That is a staggering number – more that Pepsi or McDonald. It is an attractive high quality delivery platform now for all major magazine brands and for independent publishers.

The Magazines we published to the newsstand are configured for all Apples smartphones and iPad devices, all with brilliant clear colours for the Retina display.



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Streaming Mags with Video

Unlike other version you will see,  the Magcast is a full streaming on line display. it includes several videos and the entire magazine is immediately available without having to download.

Most major mag publishers are embracing this platform for the high quality display and the growing market of discerning iPad users. Magcast provides a platform to help launch the publication, to configure all the settings and set up payment and subscription options. It is a platform that is ideally suited to small publishers and has attracted many established brands.

First Newsstand Issue

Our first issue on Apples Newsstand is “World Heritage” featuring Barbados. We plan to follow up with several issues for Barbados and the Caribbean. Such as Rum Shops, people, place, nature and culture. Our Dominica stories of the Kalinago people, and life in nature island will also be a part of this exceptional series. Our focus is world wide.

Turn Key Publishing

We provide destinations with a turn key production: Writing articles, fil,ing, video production, sound overlays, graphic design and photography. We will publish your magazines  monthly, bi monthly or an any schedule that makes sense. We publish through Magcast and to many other channels and sites for you.


Done for You

If you are Interested in a turn key solution contact us at

Do it Yourself

If you have your own production team and just want to publish on Apples newsstand to reach the entire Apple viewing network then Get started now with  Magcast  Publishing >>>>

The New Media is Technology

Look around at what is happening: Broadcasters are moving to the new. Jeff Bebo of Amazon bought the Wall Street Journal and soon after that the Financial Times UK announced that from now on Digital will drive print and not the other way around. Just consider what that brings to media: Yes immediate, interactive, sharable and all that. But behind the scenes are massive intellectual systems. Systems that analyze and infer and learn. Software that drives content and alerts us to things we want to know. Its all technology.

TravellersInsights is part of the new wave of media which is technology. See more at