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Travel Shopping Technology – A review of how travelers shop and what makes them buy or book travel

Travel Shopping

A critical look at the travel shopping cycle and what makes travelers book at one site over another. Travelers typically look at 20 or more site, less that 5% book on average. This is a magazine that was put out as a information sharing document. it was placed on Slideshare as well as on the website.

Travel Shopping:


This issue examines travel shopping and tourism branding. It looks at direct sales versus distribution and its effect on brand integrity (get a copy of travel shopping >>> ).AXSES blogs have dealt with this before but the topic has heated up in a market where ever sales and marketing avenue matters. All the forecasts to this point have shown a steady growth in Direct Vs Distribution sales. But with Best Rates Guarantee in Distribution and Direct sales coming at a premium rate, these might well be reversed. The changes will determine who controls the product and the brand.

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