New Issue on Independent Travelers

Independent Traveler Magazine- Barbados Holiday

Independent Traveler Magazine- Barbados Holiday

This new issue is dedicated to the independent traveler who are seeking authentic and personal holidays where they can do their own thing on their own schedule without having to be part of a crowd.

Travelers rather than Tourist.

We are inspired by the fast growing market for independent minded travelers. Travelerts have always been independent minded people who travel to learn and discover.

In·de·pend·ent – A person who is traveling or who often travels; free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority. Todays savvy travellers are looking for an authentic and personal experience, one that is uniquely their own!

As in all our issues we focus on world heritage destination uncovering history, culture, people and places with insights into what makes them different. We bring you new and novel ways to experience the world.

And also to understand why people travel in the first place bring a sense of literary travel writing that is education and fun.


Stories by Ian R Clayton bring history to life

This issue has several new articles authored by Ian R Clayton that are a fun and useful look at history and heritage in the destination. The destination in this case is Barbados and the issue looks at what travelers seeking authentic and personal experiences want.

Very Special Offer to TI Readers

For the first time the issue features a holiday package that puts together a heritage  tour with luxury accommodation in the island premier villa hotels. Settlers Beach Villa Hotel came forward with an unbelievable discount for our readers.

Starting at 55% off normal rates the package also includes all paid tour of St Nicholas Abbey, an intriguing Jacobean plantation now producing a fine vintage rum with cane crushed in traditional steam mills on the property. It is the only one of kind in the entire world, In fact their are only 3 Jacobean mansions left in the western work and two are in Barbados. There is lots to see her from vintage film of the olden days to Arawak and Carib relics found in archeological digs on the plantation grounds.

Stunning colour photos and videos were compiled by Ian R Clayton and Kristine Dear to create a lively engaging magazine that will be pleased to have on your coffee table.

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Tell us about the things you like most in this new issue – We look forward to your feedback in time for our next issue.