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On-Demand Print is immediate, no hassle, no inventory, no print run investment and lowest cost.

Set up your own demand print service for magazines, guides, ebooks and brochures. We offer a turnkey service to build your own publishing portal with advertising management, distribution, RSS, mobile, social media, on-demand printing, online payment, travel shopping and online bookings. Please contact us, we will contact you for a quote or proposal with no obligation.

On Demand Printing is arranged with international print services. Your e-print can be printed in a shop near your clients. International shipping is arranged at the point of print.

Travelers Insights is an example of a Print On-Demand publication. We will be pleased to produce and distribute issues of Travelers Insights for your destination.

On-Demand Print is a high quality, high resolution production. You and your clients can order either a single copy or several for as little few dollars each.

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For the complete list of features and benefits see the report on TravelWeekly
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Quote from TravelersInsights Magazine -The Independent Traveler Now On MagCloud Newsstand

“Some of the Benefits of working with MagCloud include:

– Coffee Table Publication Printed to Order– Orders of any size. Travelers love hard copy physical magazines that can be shared with friends and family. The magazines are passed around and encourage more visit and tourism arrivals for the destination.

– No Inventory Necessary. saves a fortune is space and cash tied up in inventory sitting on shelves or lugged about in suitcases to trade shows. For publishers and destinations, there are magazines that can be carried to trade shows. All can be delivered on-time to the show office or hotel.

– Immediate Updates. Issues can be updated at any time. Publications need never go out of date. A new version can be uploaded and ready for print at any time.”


Quoted from Travel Weekly Article on the Benefits from Print on Demand

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TravelersInsights. Barbados Independent Travel

By Ian R Clayton in Travelers Insights

20 pages, published 8/9/2014

Barbados was made for the Independent traveller as you will discover in this magazine and its videos. Here we feature amazing saga of Nicholas Abbey, with tales of lust betray and intrigue that are based on facts, and with people in high esteem. Now you can visit the Abbey and take the tour in the new independent holiday packages made specifically for readers.

World Heritage Tourism - vol 1, issue 1 by Travellersinsights.com

World Heritage Tourism: World Heritage Tourism – vol 1, issue 1 by Travellersinsights.com

World Heritage Tourism covers heritage hotels, heritage holidays and heritage travel. We select destination from the UNESCO World Heritage List that meet TravelersInsights criteria for World Heritage Tourism designation. We FOCUS on tourism destinations that are UNESCO Heritage Sites and are also…

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Dominica Story with tourism operators contacts

Travelers Insights Dominica: Dominica Story with tourism operators contacts

A visit to Dominica is like a step back in
Time. The island has not changed
much in 50 years, there are more hotels,
boutique accommodation and of course
Johnny Depp and the cast of Pirates
of the Caribbean have all been there,
leaving in their path a few pirates vacation
packages and inspired pirate…

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