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Barbados’ horses have a good life, living in one of the top holiday destinations of the world. They enjoy being in this Caribbean paradise. Each morning trainers, owners and grooms take their horses to exercise in the sea water. It is done in preparation for a race, to recover from injury, and just for the joy of swimming with the horses. The horses swim way out to sea with the trainers hanging on to them for a free ride.

In fact, swimming and salt water are therapeutic. Horses with tender joints and stressed muscles can exercise as they cannot on land. Horses float well and the water supports their entire body. There is less jarring and stress, but at the same time, moving in the water creates resistance. It exercises muscles and moves joints that are not used or painful to use on land. It is an effective aerobic and flexibility workout, and a much liked break and mental relaxation from routine training and performance schedules. Hydrotherapy is now a world recognized treatment for horses. It has been practiced here in Barbados for hundreds of years.

The swimming horses are watched from the shore by tourists who have been heard to say “It’s a horses life in Barbados”. Barbados Holidays are full of surprises!

Polo and horse racing - A  Barbados Heritage to Enjoy on Your Barbados holidays

Polo and horse racing – A Barbados Heritage to Enjoy on Your Barbados Holidays

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