Rate Card

Media Merging with the Internet

Our magazines are not your traditional publication. We see the whole media landscape merging with the Internet and we understand that travelers want easy access to knowledge and need to know what is available. They need a  quick way to get the latest information.

Many travelers are content to download a publication and many are looking for a print on demand service where they can order an up- to-date professional magazine, and have it shipped directly to them.  Suppliers also want hard copies for their own use and destinations will need short and long runs, that can be handed out at trade shows and sent to travel agents. With our online network we can arrange to deliver directly to your show, and directly to agents on an as needed basis. We also print large runs.

Marketing Travel

With most media moving rapidly to the Internet, it is vital that the publication you sponsor as a tourism organization or advertiser is marketed correctly on the Internet. We have a very active marketing campaign associated with every publication. We do videos on launches and on a periodical basis to push a publication to the top of search. We have an enormous social network that our publications are pushed out to, which creates a vast footprint of links and collateral for the market. See more on this at http://SocialIndexEngine.com

Lifetime Purchase

On-line is permanent! Unlike the print media it does not deplete, thus one ad in an online publication can last you a lifetime. However issues must be promoted and marketed online to continue to rank. Your ad will stay live for one year. In subsequent years we will invite you to subscribe to an ongoing marketing service as noted below.

We use several top ranking magazine sites as well as related websites, blogs, video sites and presentation sites to create a network of permanent links. The rates noted below cover not only the position in a magazine but also the entire network of collateral we create for you.

Custom Magazines

We offer custom magazine production and marketing. We will produce a World Heritage magazine specifically for you and market it for you. The rates are very reasonable and we do it all – video, photography, artwork, research, writing, publication, print, distribution, promotion  and marketing.

The publishing cost will range from $500 US per page. An  issue will be a minimum of 12 pages.  This is a rough estimate and costs will vary depending on the depth of  research, photography and graphics required to create the story line and the finished product (travel and expenses extra).

Marketing is optional – we recommend a campaign that includes active social media, blogging, video marketing, press releases and  SocialIndexEngine.com to build the social and knowledge network that will market the publication.

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Advertising Rates

1 page ad $2,250 per page per publication.
2 pages $ 2,000  per page
1/2 page banner $1,150
1/4 page banner $565
Classified listing $250

This includes ads and collateral on all media.

Your ad will stay live for 1 year.
After that we will invite you to subscribe to on-going marketing.

The cost is $25 monthly for on-going marketing and promotion of the publication after the first year.

If you choose not to participate your ads will be removed from the network.