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This Section is for hotel, tourism companies and destinations who are looking for news, case studies, trends, training and examples of successful and creative travel marketing campaigns.

We will include videos, blogs case studies and articles on campaigns of our own and others that we come across. The content here will often be videos, summaries of the blogs and links to external resources.

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TripAdvisor Open the Doors to direct Booking for Hotels and Tourism owners
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World Tourism Growth Exceeds all Expectations
See Summary of UNWTO report on Tourism 5% Growth

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Inter-American Development Bank Aids Barbados World Heritage Tourism

Inter-American Development Bank Aids Barbados World Heritage Tourism

“IDB loan to enhance the appeal of Barbados as a World heritage tourism and culture destination” … source,11931.html “With support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Barbados will increase the appeal of its tourism attractions, with a focus on encouraging more spending by visitors on its unique heritage and cultural products, enhancing the digital visibility of ...
Marketing | Barbados By Nature

Marketing | Barbados By Nature

Early in 2013 the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia began a campaign to brand the island and its website as one of the most distinctively charming island destination in the world. The campaign is expect to last for a full year with videos, flyers, brochures, blogs, articles and all collateral creating an authority footprint across the ...